Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tendaba. Oh yeah, and the middle 8 weeks.

If you're following this thread, you may have noticed the absence of updates for the past, oh, I dono, two months. A combination of work, play, and the fact that the priority of updating this blog falls well below keeping up with my fiancee, friends, and family puts this pretty low on the list. This being my final semester, not to mention that I'm getting married in 6 months certainly doesn't help either. Anyway, here's a few things that have happened over the past 50 or so days, in no particular order, since I can't really remember what happened when...

Me (Gavin, or Katiim, or Tapalapa)
Fajara War Cemetery 
 Need to clear some brush from campus? Shoot, just set it all on fire, that ought to do the trick.
 A few pictures from around Banjul

 Stadium gym
 Croc Pond


Tendaba is a touristy camp type establishment 100 something kilometers up country. We took the long way, crossing the river to the north at Banjul, taking the north bank, then crossing back and back tracking to the camp on the south bank.

 Boat tour on the river


Tendaba was great, and after a failed wild boar hunt, we returned home.

The day after returning from Tenbada, I promptly destroyed my camera, so chronologically, I have no more pictures.

What else is happening, you ask? I'll be moving down to NC with Kathryn's family when I get back. Also, Kathryn and I are getting married on September 24th, and heading to St. Marteen and TCI afterward. After that, we'll hopefully have jobs and start grown up life. Pretty crazy to think about.

The End...  well, of pictures anyway, and I know that's about the only thing I look at in blogs, so you might as well unsubscribe now.

What's up next? Well, we go to Dakar in a few weeks, and also to Janjanbureh. Both very long trips. I'll also be doing a few posts on some stories if I can remember them, along with a post for BCA.