Monday, January 31, 2011

Last First Day of School. Ever.

So today I had my last first day of school. It was also my last first day of school in Africa. It was also my first first day of school in Africa too, I guess. I think this afternoon sitting in my Electromagnetism class was the first time the fact that I'm here and won't be going back home or back to Etown really hit me. I found myself desperately missing Esbenshade and the Caf, wishing I could just walk out of class and go back to the apartment or the Quads and be with my friends. I also found myself missing just being on the campus in general, it has become to familiar to me in the past years. It seems like my senior project is also not turning out exactly how I was expecting it to, and I was really beginning to question whether I should have come or not. I thought about this the entire ride home.

Don't take my next few statements as my attempt to turn this post into a Church service, but God immediately reminded me why he brought me here; to help people other than myself. To use the things that he has given me to help those who may have been given less. To help people that I'll meet here, and people that I may never meet. I think that is something that should be important to someone regardless of their beliefs.

Anyway, in addition to the rollercoaster of emotions that I'm on as it is, I'm also really wishing I had a motorcycle to ride here. I made the mistake of reading a Ride Report in AdventureRider of two guys about my age beginning a trip from South Africa to the UK through Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.Needless to say, it's got me wishing I was doing the same thing. Bikes are a little more expensive here than I thought they would be, so it probably is for the better that I don't have one, but that doesn't make me want to ride any less.

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