Monday, January 31, 2011

Monkeys, Bajul, and other happenings

So the other students have arrived. Everyone got in fine, so did everyone's luggage. After a few days of wandering around and a trip to the beach, we went on our first real outings. The first was to the Bijilo Forest Park, where many a monkey can be seen.

The next outing was to Banjul, the Capital of The Gambia. A older, more built up area situated on an island just at the mouth of the river. 

Early into our trip, Mohammed was called to by a man across the street in an important looking compound. It turned out is was the mayor of Banjul, who we all got a nice picture with after I accidently stepped on his shoe haha. After a trip to a museum which, in all honesty, I wasn't very interested in, we found our way into the labyrinth that is the Banjul market. A very impressive, almost miniature town composed of small shacks laced together under a patchwork of tin roofs. I had planned on taking a video of some of it as we walked through, but one guy noticed my interest in the various stands selling Gambian National soccer jerseys. He then grabbed a pair of jerseys and followed me through the market, out of the market, to the place where we ate lunch, outside which he waited, then continued to follow me all the way to the car park, then for another few hundred yards walking next to the Geli Geli. Probably taking a total of 2 hours out of his day to make one sale. He started at 300D, and went all the way down to 100D, which seemed a good enough price, but Mohammed pointed out the fact that he would have only taken that much time to sell it if he was still going to make a lot of money, so I stayed firm at 50 which he wouldn't go for. I'll get one when I go back I'm sure.

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